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Dimensión Técnica 2012, S.L

Dimension Técnica 2012, SL, with its trademark SAMER SYSTEMS is a company located in Paterna (Valencia, Spain). With a major European group as a shareholder, it has extensive professional experience of its team of more than 20 years in the field of solar protection, roller shutters, insect screens, awnings, partition doors and decoration.

The company has its own trademark for high quality insect screens and aluminum.

We manufacture the widest range of product available on the market of the insect screen industry.

In an area of 3000 m2, we have two lines for the manufacture of our own PATENTED pleated insect screen. We also have three production lines for the roller insect screen, with SDM welding machinery to manufacture insect screens of 1,40 m., 2,30 m. and 2,60 m., six different types of boxes from SR33 to SAUP42, with all kits and accessories.

We also have a production line for the manufacture and assembly of the hinged door, fixed and sliding door insect screens.

To all this we must add an assembly line specialized in kits, three brush insertion machines and an shrink-wrap film packaging line for DIY, etc.

We are known for our specialization in the field of insect screens. We offer the widest variety of insect screens on the market in terms of systems and solutions, finishes, colours and sizes. Our flexible production system enables us to supply the material both in bars or finished insect screen custom-made as required by the client.

The quality and useful life of our products are guaranteed by our exhaustive quality controls both for the raw material and finished product, as well as plant control of the manufacturing processes. All this to ensure our main goal: customer satisfaction.

Our robust infrastructure and effective logistics allow us greatly reduced production times and rapid distribution.

The specialization, constant technological innovation and design are others of our key bets, allowing us to be at the forefront of product within the sunscreen industry.

The team of SAMER SYSTEMS is characterized by its strong customer focus, commitment and personalized treatment, professional and of quality, advising the customer at all times, in order to get the highest degree of satisfaction.

Its high qualification, continuous training, experience of more than 15 years and product knowledge make our human capital one of the most important assets of our company.

The company has a clear international vocation. We have a presence in over 50 countries worldwide and our own export department.

The fact that an important percentage of our revenue comes from exports, makes the expansion in foreign markets a priority objective framed in the strategic plan of the company, which has an outstanding participation in numerous international exhibitions.

We have participated in R + T Moscow (2012), R + T Stuttgart, and in collaboration with our customers in VETECO (Madrid), CONSTRUMAT (Barcelona), EXPO CIHAC (Mexico), FESQUA (Brazil), etc..

We understand quality as a process of continuous improvement. Our quality department has specific design machinery with which own tests and inspections are performed without interruption, since reception of the raw material to the end of the production process and distribution. We also collaborate with technical institutes (AIMPLAS, AIMME ….), where they perform the tests necessary to ensure the quality of our products.

Currently we are implementing lean-manufacturing philosophy throughout the company. Our quality and environmental systems are guided by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

In Samer Systems we offer a wide variety in finishes for our profiles: anodized (Euras-Qualanod nº1025), lacquered (Seal Qualicoat nº438) in all RAL and FUTURA colours, stainless steel, wood sublimation by Decoral system (Seal Qualideco ES-0004F) and foliated (Renolit, Sky).

A key value is constant innovation in both products and processes.
We have our own R & D & i department for the design and development of new products, and we work together with the R & D & i departments of various technical institutes (AIMME …)

Recently, for the roller shutters market we have developed a new self-blocking roller shutter SPGA-37 which has the capacity to adjust the input of light. With two profiles we can make a roller that blocks and offers high security, and adding a profile the entry of air and light can be calibrated, thus increasing the visibility if you want.

We have patented our system of PLEATED XL for special measures.

We develop any type of kits and roller systems upon request and also our own machinery with auxiliary industries.

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